Non-Duality and the Twelve Steps

Beyond Recovery is a “bridge book” for those of us who’ve found ourselves seeking a deeper level of spirituality. We may be recovering from addiction, our war with life, or both. One way or another, we’ve come to notice that the spiritual viewpoints from which we’ve been operating are not taking us where we intuitively feel we are being drawn. We know we need “something else,” but we’re not sure what, why, or how. Beyond Recovery will help to answer all of those questions, and then suggest many more.

The book uses the well-known structure of the Twelve Steps to introduce these concepts. Recovering or recovered addicts may find it particularly useful.  This is not a typical recovery book; this is the next step. It assumes the reader is already abstinent, but does not assume any background in Nonduality. However, if you are already familiar with oneness teachings, so much the better.

There is a fundamental shift occurring: the universe is waking up to itself. Once you have eyes to see and ears to hear, you’ll discover this is already happening all around you–and within you. I hope you’ll join me in exploring it; it’s no accident that you’re here.

Beyond Recovery is not just a description of a deeper understanding of life, it’s a prescription for directly experiencing this for yourself. We let go of our beliefs into the free-fall of liberation. Ultimately, this new awareness is distinctly different from the personal view we’ve heretofore lived with. The breakthrough is self-evident and self-confirming. Life becomes an adventure in the unfolding of the extraordinary ordinary.

This book and this website are both directed toward gently leading you from the lost world of thought into the present knowing of Being. This is authentic spirituality. Welcome to the next step, and the next level of human adventure.

Beyond Recovery is now on sale!